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What comes next…

As many of you know, I work on a few books at a time.  For me, this is easier, because it means I always have something I’m in the “mood” to work on.  There’s a problem.  When I finish with a release, I’m typically ready for a break from that world.

But there are so many options!  I have Romances, Romanesque fantasy, science fiction, science fantasy, and just some whacked out stuff that sounded like fun at the time.  It’s all tucked away on my hard drive (the cloud, a few spare USB drives, etc) waiting for me to complete the next one.  I don’t even know how many books there are, but somewhere between 20 and 30 that are viable to finish.

I have eleven unique universes created.  I have facts, figures, artwork, and more all jumbled up in my head.  I have friends inside these digital pages.  Friends that I enjoy hearing about, sympathizing with, and chasing around.  So many books… so little time.

And so, while I let a conflict work itself out in my head (Romance conflicts… ugh.  So complicated!) and I try to remember where I left off with the Rhians, I’m ignoring Sal’s attempt to go all Mary Sue on me (and thanks to the alpha reader for pointing that out!).  Well, this means I’m kinda in limbo.

I’m not ready to dive into another work.  They’re on the backburner because I haven’t started these series yet.  I kinda want to, but no.  Must finish the ones people are invested in.  But… it’d be fun.  No.

Ahem.  Sorry.  Little glimpse into my mind up there.  So, I have decided that from now on, I’m going to completely finish a series before I begin the release.  No more of this “well, it’s all in rough, so that’s close enough.  I’ll edit while the covers are being designed!”  Nope.  I’m not gonna do it.  I am going to finish the iliri, Leyli, and tattoo folks’ stories.  Yeah, I still have some gamer girls to play with, but they’ll come along when I have spare time.

And, I’ve finally reached the point that every author hopes for.  My fans are buying my books consistently enough that I’m paying my bills.  I can slow down a little.  I mean, until I get the Rise of the Iliri, Wolf of Oberhame, and Adding Ink series all published, I won’t be truly taking a vacation, but I can spare some time to have a wild party here and there.  I can enjoy the leaves turning colors in my new home.  I can play more with Revan and Jango.

I can get my butt out of this chair, hit the gym, and get a whole lot better descriptions of the human body in action.  Yeah, that’s my motivation.  Has nothing at all to do with my husband being an amazing cook and the holidays rolling closer.  What I won’t be doing, however, is pandering on social media.

I honestly believe that all of my fans  would rather I write a book than post some drivel.  I mean, there will still be pictures of Revan on facebook, and I will still have a litany of displaced thoughts on twitter.  Goodreads?  Well, it was never one of my favorites.

I’m still connected, but the last thing any of us needs is for me to relax and fall into the addiction of social media.  I love to write.  I find the rhythm of my hands on the keys to be like playing music.  Watching the words appear as the little cursor slides across the screen?  It’s heavenly.  I don’t just like to write, I love it.  I obsess over it.  I’m completely addicted to it.  But I also need to get my behind outside at least once a week, and I’ve finally reached the point where I feel like I have the time to do that.

Hopefully, a little sunshine therapy will result in a whole lot more great books for you all to read.  And a nap.  I could really use a good nap.

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