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Frequently Asked Questions

As a writer, I don’t just use words to describe what I see; I create stories and scenes that take the reader to somewhere new and unexpected.

- Do you have an unanswered question? 

- Have you always wondered about a specific thing?

Review the FAQ and if the answer to your question is not there - Send me a note and it might just get added below...

FAQ: Welcome


The Answers You Need, For The Questions You Have...

 - *Updated Nov. 11, 2021*

What is Auryn currently working on?

Auryn and Kitty (as Cerise Cole) just finished the last book in the End of Days series,

and Auryn finished The Path of Temptation series.


When will [insert book here] be released?

WHEN IT’S DONE.  Auryn does not put out a set schedule for upcoming releases, but preorders and availability will be announced.  The Mailing List or the Literary Army group on Facebook are ways to stay up-to-date.

How many books are planned in the series I love most?


  • The Path of Temptation - 6

  • End of Days (Cerise Cole) - 4


  • Gamer Girls - 7

  • One More Day - 1 (Standalone)

  • Rise of the Iliri - 11 

  • The Dark Orchid - 3 

  • The Demons Muse - 5 

  • Wolf of Oberhame - 3 

  • Wolves Next Door - 3 


  • The Mimics - 6

Is [insert book here] going to be available on Audible?

We sure hope so.  We are slowly working on getting all the books into Audible. Things are starting to move!

Completed Audible:

- One More Day

- The Dark Orchid

- The Wolf of Oberhame

- Wolves Next Door 

Currently in production:

- The Demons' Muse - is currently being recorded.

Not yet in production:

Gamer Girls series is still looking for narrators. No date for production release.

- Rise of the Iliri is still in the beginning stages, but some progress has been made.  No date for production release.

Why does it take so long for the next book to come out?

Because Auryn wants to make it perfect. She figures she could just churn out something "good enough" for your money, but that doesn't really seem fair to any of us.

Does Auryn have a newsletter?

Yes! You can stay up-to-date by signing up - HERE

Can I buy a signed copy of something?

Yep! We have an Etsy store!

All of Auryn's books are available (or on backorder) for signed copies, (Sadly, we don't set shipping prices) plus there are some other goodies that might catch your eye.


**Unfortunately, shipping is only available in the US at this time**

Is there any way I can get other book related merchandise?

Yep! We have a Threadless store!

Can I get an Iliran tattoo?

Yes! We absolutely LOVE seeing them also!  Sharing in the Facebook group is wonderful, but it is NOT required. 

- Colored Iliran Tattoos: There are no set colors to make something "right." Iliri use color to add feeling to the words. The colors are your choice, and make your meaning unique. Choose what you want.

More Iliri Information can be found by clicking -> HERE

Will One More Day be made into a series?

Auryn hopes to possibly release a sequel to One More Day, eventually.  She loves the story as much as you, but it was written to be a standalone, so it's lower on the list of completion ideas.  In truth, it also doesn't sell as well.

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