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Portfolio of Work

Past. Present. Future.

The following are a collection of my completed and upcoming writing projects. Each series is unique in style and content.


Click on each series for additional information and more pictures.

I hope you enjoy my work and I invite you to contact me with any questions.

Portfolio of Work: Work

The Mimics

- 6 Books -

On Hold

Kindle, Paperback

111 shipwrecked aliens, 87 prisoners, 1 alien disease. Can one woman save them all? 

Or will falling in love with these strange men ruin everything?   

Gamer Girls

- 7 Books -


Kindle, Paperback

The Gamer Girls series features strong women and the men who love them. Knowledge about gaming and/or gamer culture is not necessary to enjoy this story.

**Graphic language and situations that are suitable for a mature audience are included.


Rise of the Iliri

- 11 Books -


Kindle, Paperback

Humans came, they conquered, and they made her people their slaves.  Their first mistake was thinking that a race of predators would be easy to take.  The second was ignoring her.  Now, she'll show her people how to rise up and take what they deserve.

The Demons' Muse 

- 5 Books -


Kindle, Paperback, & Audible (In Production)

Everything you thought you knew about the world, religion, and death will be pulled apart, twisted around, and put back together in ways you will not expect.

The Kiss of Death
Power of Lies

The Dark Orchid

- 3 Books -


Audible, Kindle & Paperback

The gods are dead.  Mages have risen up to take their place.  But when the Object of Desire ends up as more than she appears, the world will have to change again.

The Wolf of Oberhame

- 3 books -


Audible, Kindle & Paperback

They threw her onto the arena sands, hoping the gladiator games would kill her.  Instead, they made her into the kind of woman who should be a King.

When We Were Kings
Wolf's Bane

Wolves Next Door

- 3 Books -


Audible, Kindle & Paperback

Starting over after divorce isn't easy, but having a few hot guys next door helps. 

Just one problem, they like to howl at the moon.  This is definitely not going to be a typical love story.

Standalone Books


Audible, Kindle & Paperback

A space for those books that do not have a series...yet.

One More Day
Box Sets

Box Sets

- All Available Series -


Only Available on Kindle

Make binging your favorite series even easier.

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