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Promoting a book

As I have mentioned before, the trick to becoming a successful author is getting discovered.  It isn’t about writing a good book, having a great cover, or any of those other things.  If you have the best book in the world, but no one knows about it, then you still can’t get success.

And so, I’m going to be experimenting.  I will be tracking my results from a few promotions sites.  I’m going to keep this in the reasonable price (i.e. $50 USD or less, on average) just to see if there’s anything that works better than advertising with Amazon directly.

My book for this experiment is When We Were Kings, which has had moderate success.  Unfortunately, my other book tends to vary widely, so it would be impossible to know if One More Day sales are due to a whim or promotions.

Rather than wondering, wishing, or wasting my money repeatedly, I’m hitting this head on, with a scientific method.  Should be a little interesting!

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