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Coming Soon – Gamers!

Most people play some form of video games.  From cell phones to consoles, with a few PC gamers still hanging on, we don’t have to be children to find the joy in them.  Not anymore.

When Riley’s parents died, she inherited the family horse farm.  Times are tough, and sales are non-existent, but she will not let their dream die because of her.  She doesn’t care what it takes, she’ll keep the farm going.

She’s spent her life flipping off the world, and now it’s coming back to bite her in the ass.  There’s only one thing she’s ever been good at: first person shooter video games.  Unfortunately, the professional gaming scene is a boy’s world.  Hopefully, that means they’ll never see her coming.  Seven years ago she tried to break into the scene – and it almost worked – until someone started spreading it around that she was sleeping her way to the top.

They say her gender has nothing to do with it.  They say it’s all about how many kills she gets.  So, Riley is ready to prove her point.  For years she’s been building a new reputation with a new character name.  When she goes head to head with the best FPS player in the scene, the last thing she expects is respect.  Even more shocking?  He invites her to the Professional League of Gamers Tournament.  If she can place well enough, then a professional contract – and paycheck – is hers.

Unfortunately, to get it, she’ll have to show her face.  They’ll all know she’s a girl, including Void, the man who rules the scene.  Will he be as impressed when he finds out that she’s not just one of the guys?  Can she really make a living doing something she loves?  Most importantly, is she willing to throw away everything in order to break down the glass ceiling that’s been holding her back for so long?

Challenge Accepted dives right into the world of hardcore gamers and the insanity of their lives.  In a virtual world, the friendships are still real, and often, they last through many lives.

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