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Challenge Accepted Cover Reveal – FRIDAY!

This is a novel that is near and dear to my heart.  Challenge Accepted was actually written on a dare – and turned into a series.  A good friend of mine said that there were some things that just couldn’t go together in a single book.  When asked for examples, she listed off: horses, gamer punks, romance, and sexism.  Yep, my mind immediately jumped to Gamer Gate (if you don’t know about it, trust me, it got ugly).  From there, the rest was easy.

I have been a gamer since before MMOs existed (yeah, I’m dating myself, sorry!).  I met my husband online when he asked about my loadout.  While gaming I have met some of the closest friends I’ve ever known.  I’ve also encountered the worst society has to offer.  From guildmates who would send me cash when I got laid off to guys who stream stalked my guild and email pictures to my gmail, the experience is diverse, but I still love it.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  The good far outweighs the bad.

In Challenge Accepted, I hope you can experience all of this.  Friendships that are real, even if the people have never seen each other’s faces, loves that are built on more than just physical attraction, and a dedication to something that most people consider a hobby and others think of as a sport.

Then there’s Riley, the main character in Challenge Accepted.  The world is determined to knock her down because she can’t seem to fit into the narrow rules that society wants her to live by.  She won’t be meek.  She’s anything but mild.  Riley is a force of nature who can’t back down from a challenge.  When she meets Void, the mysterious gamer who keeps dominating the ranks of her favorite game, she thinks he’s just another stepping stone.  Sparks fly, in more ways than one.  Take one alpha male, add a woman so dominant and vivacious that he looks passive, mix in a few death matches, real life threats, and a dog….

Challenge Accepted shows you what happens when sexism meets its  match.  They said girls could never be as good as a man.  Riley is willing to prove them all wrong.

Log in and come along for the ride.  Challenge Accepted is now available for pre-order:

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