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Writing, moving, and creating

So, I’ve been busy.  Spending this weekend trying to finish moving into my new little old house.  I also have a few last minute corrections to make to Inseparable before it comes out.  A comma here, a blatant “oh, glad someone pointed that out” there.  Then there’s the books I’m still writing, the ones I’m editing, Kitty’s book I’m helping with, and a part-time day job.  My clock is ticking, and something has to give.

Typically, that’s sleep, but lately, it’s been connecting with my fans.  Trust me, it’s nothing intentional, but I figured the people who read my books would much prefer a new book to a new blog.

I’ve got romances, sci-fi, and a steady stream of fantasy.  You see, I grew up on fantasy, so it’s the staple of my imagination.  For me, it’s easy to start with a “what if” question and end up with an entirely new series.  I just need more hands so I can write a few books at the same time!

On the upside, I’ve also found my groove again.  For a few months there, my new writing came to nearly a full stop because of the editing.  I could have three books open, three different beta readers’ comments to update, and not enough time to sit down and lose myself in my imagination.  The clock was ticking on getting the next book ready, and I have a big enough backlist that it didn’t matter, so I focused on preparing to publish instead of creating.

The problem is that creativity spurs creativity.  The more an artist makes, the easier it is to make more.  It’s a catch-22, but a known phenomenon.  For me, I found that spark again somewhere on I-44, sitting in a truck with my best friend.  On a cross-country road trip, we started talking about the next book.  It made the miles pass a little faster and her input was the spark I needed.

Kitty Cox, who helped me write those Gamer Girls books, is not only my co-author but also my best friend.  We’re two peas in a pod.  Two halves of the same mind.  She’s the organized one, and I’m the driven one.  Together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.  With nothing to distract us, we’ve worked out the hold ups for at least three books, came up with basic plots for a few more, and threw my creativity back into overdrive.  I’ve been writing, packing, moving, painting, working, and doing everything to not only get the next book out, but a few more in line behind it.

Now, I’m not going to be releasing a book a month anymore, probably.  For the next few months (up to a year) I’m going to be a bit busy for that.  Releasing a book is a LOT of work.  There’s a million little details, and I want to make sure my readers get everything they deserve.  I still won’t be a slow writer.  I just can’t.  Cranking out 12,000 words a day is relaxing to me.  It’s the rest of that stuff that slows me down.

Now, I just have to remember where I put everything.  A new house, a new office, and a whole lot more peace and quiet.  It’s the inspiration I’ve needed.

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