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Where am I going to fit that other book?

So, I have books scheduled to release in March, April, June, August, October, December, and February.  I’m still filling in the months in between, but if I want to keep it nice and consistent, that means When We Were Crowned should come out in July or September.  Now, there’s a gap there in May… can I get my people moving and hit that?  Hmm.

Next week, I get back to working on the Gladiators.  One thing I can tell ya about When We Were Crowned is that there will be a whole lot more ladies weaving through the storyline. I also know that this one is going to mix the combat from WWWK with the politics of WWWD, for a story that I sincerely hope my fans will approve of.

But first, I have to introduce all of you to a few more worlds.  From contemporary drama to outlandish Science Fantasy, I think you all will love the next two series, and I’m working hard to get the all out to you as soon as possible.

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