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What’s in the works

I have a secret.  It’s a series, nearly completed, that’s stuck somewhere between fantasy and science fiction.  Based on a planet colonized LONG ago, where Earth has become a memory so distant it’s not thought of, metals are nearly impossible to fine in pure form, and humans aren’t the only sentient species.

For thousands of years, humans have domesticated the iliri.  They are slaves, cheap labor, and all around second class people.  They’re also pissed.

Imagine a world where electricity is impossible to move because there’s no metal wires, where guns and gunpowder are too expensive to keep producing, where DNA manipulation is old world technology.  Where a single UN survival knife is worth enough to buy a city and armor is made of resin and acrylics.  Imagine a world where the servants are beasts who’d rather eat you than scrub the tile… Then imagine what happens when they learn to fight back.

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