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What’s in the works?

With the release of

FLAWED, it’s time to start moving forward again.  So what’s in the plans?

First off, the third book in “Rise of the Iliri” should come out this month.  Defiance is right on track.

Then there’s the next book in the Eternal Combat series.  “Virtual Reality” shows a new side to IceMan that many fans wouldn’t have expected.  Then again, most of those geeky boys aren’t at all what you’d think.  They never are.

And When We Were Crowned is still going.  Unfortunately, the realities of a day job have put me behind schedule.  I was honestly hoping to have the book out by August, but that doesn’t look like it will happen.  I’d rather be late and give the fans of this series a GOOD book than be on time with a piece of garbage.

That’s why my focus will be on the backlist that I’ve already completed.  While my home renovations are in full swing, my writing time has become a precious commodity.  It seems that there are just never enough hours, but editing is a lot easier.  Getting interrupted in the middle doesn’t harm the story, it just gives me an excuse to go over the previous chapter again.

I am still writing, though.  Both When We Were Crowned and Two of a Kind are moving ahead, just not as fast as I’d like.  They are such different books, which works well for me.  I’m always in the “mood” to work on one or the other, it seems.  My team tries to remind me that most authors release a book a year, maybe two.  But I just can’t.  I want to write.  I want to lose myself in those worlds.  I want to publish the entire series!  It’s addictive seeing my work enjoyed by so many strangers – and have so many of them send me emails or tweets about the books.  I also hate that I put a time frame on WWWC and I’m falling behind.

But come this winter, after my twelfth book has been released, I’m going to take a couple of months off.  Nope, I won’t stop writing.  Instead, I plan to update the website, make it easier to buy paperback copies directly from, and put in a few more cool things for my fans.  While all of this is going on, I hope to finish another series and schedule it all for release back to back.

And yep, we’ve barely brushed the surface of the books I’ve already written.  I have 3 YA series, 4 more fantasy, 2 more romance, 2 science fiction, a sci-fi/fantasy mashup, and a dystopian.  After those are the notes for at least five more books.  While I never dreamed of being an author, it seemed that my mind had been busy dreaming up things without me.  I hope my readers are as excited as I am.

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