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There’s something to be said for giving things away.


Instead, I’ve been the one winning.  Having new readers contact me to say they really liked it, or others who let me know that they’ve never come across a story like this?  It gives me that push to keep writing the rest of the books I’m working on.

I guess it’s the little things.  A little validation, a little appreciation, or even a little heckling from people who prefer their fantasy without science, mayhem, murder, or adult themes.  Just knowing that strangers out there are reading my books?  Well, it’s still surreal.  It still feels… good.

And it’s surprised me, a bit.  I honestly thought this was my way of giving back, yet my fans have once again managed to make me feel humbled, flattered, and awestruck all at the same time.  The entire SHP publishing team has put so many hours into getting these books out to the public, unsure of the reception they’d get, but it looks like doing something a bit different has gone over a lot better than we thought.


All of you have convinced me that this author’s life is pretty damned good.  Now back to writing!

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