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The Joy of Trolling!

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So, I have a facebook fan group.  Most authors do, but mine is a TON of fun.  One of their favorite things to do in there is theory craft about where Rise of the Iliri is going next.  And well, don’t judge, but I can’t help myself.

I poke.  I nudge.  Sometimes, I even give them the real answer, but they tend to overlook it in the midst of all the insanity going on.  Now, with the 9th book gearing up for production, it seems we’re all back at it.

I’ve dropped some hints about the future (nothing too spoilery, though).  I have confirmed a few things.  I’ve also answered honestly in such a way that says absolutely nothing.  It’s a fun game for me as an author.  It’s practice for how to lay down those layers in a book, putting tidbits out there that are factual, but easily obscured.  The kinds of things that when looking back make you want to slap your head and go “Oh, it’s RIGHT THERE!”  And, when it comes to writing intense epic series, that’s kinda important.

But more than all of that, it’s amazing to see people get excited about the stories.  It’s amazingly humbling, actually.  For me, these were just things I thought up.  Now, people are getting tattoos, making groups to theory craft, and something I wrote has become an integral part of their daily entertainment.

Seriously, people, that’s intense.

See, I never wanted to be famous.  I have no interest in being rich (I will take comfortable, though). I also don’t care if people know me, like me, or have any opinion on ME at all.  Because my books are not me.  They are works of art, like a painting made of words, that convey a feeling.  Having so many people feel because of something I did?  It’s mind-boggling.  It’s wonderful.  It’s truly awesome, in the literal sense of that word.

So, y’all have fun with it.  Pronounce those names however YOU want, misspell them all over, and convince yourself that everyone is going to live or die.  It’s wonderful to watch, and I can’t tell you how honored I am that y’all actually give a damn.

Doesn’t mean I won’t troll you, though.

After all, I can’t let you think you’ve solved the plot before the last book comes out, right?  I mean, where’s the fun in that?

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