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She didn’t ask for this


Then they did exactly what they’d promised.

One day Destiny was the biggest name in the gamer scene, the next she was just gone.  What they’d done to her was too much.  She couldn’t think about it, couldn’t face it, and couldn’t even handle the touch of another person.  Everything she’d loved was ruined, including her.  Three years after she vanished from gaming, her only escape was to obliterate her mind with as many chemicals as she could consume.  She prayed that one day it might even kill her, so she wouldn’t have to face reality ever again.

They’d won.  They’d broken her completely, but they hadn’t been able to take away her love for it all.  Deep down, she still dreamed of creating the perfect game, that blissful escape from the hell of everyday life that she wanted more than anything else.  So when Chance walked into the hardware store looking for network cable, she couldn’t keep her mouth shut.  She couldn’t help but answer his questions.  The only problem was that she knew just a little too much.

And he knew exactly who she had been.  Destiny Pierce.  They said whatever game could get her on the payroll would make it big, and that’s exactly what he needed.  Silk was falling apart before his eyes.  His bank account was draining so fast he was sure it had a leak in it, and the release date was approaching way too fast.  This was his one chance to break into the gaming scene, but if Silk failed, so did the entire company.  What he needed was a miracle.  He needed help to make all of this work.  He needed the broken little girl who was so high she couldn’t even focus on his face.

And then he had to figure out how to make her better.  She was broken beyond recognition, but that didn’t mean she was ruined.  She was just Flawed.

Flawed is the prequel to Challenge Accepted.  The subject matter in this book is for mature audiences, and may be triggering.  This book sets the stage for the rest of the Eternal Combat series, which delves into the best parts of gaming – and the worst.  It’s anticipated for early summer, 2016.

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