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One More Day

Preparing to release my first independently published novel, One More Day.  This is a story about hope, in so many ways.  All too often, when everything goes wrong, we never realize how much is going right.

Mackenzie Lawrence is just a college dropout trying to pay her bills, but her last medical results are bad.  Real bad!  She has cervical cancer.

No one expects to get cancer in their mid-twenties, but losing her job the same day is just the icing on the cake.  Even when the Super Hot Guy from her regular coffee shop finally talks to her, it’s not enough.  Her world is crashing down.  Besides, he just wanted to see some of her stupid drawings.

But Ryan wants more than just to see her drawings.  Her art is amazing, not stupid.  It’s exactly the type of thing he’d link to ink onto his skin forever – and that of his clients.  But girls like that don’t talk to high school drop out, tattoo artists.  They sip champagne with CEOs.  She’s so far out of his league.

He only has one thing she needs: a job.  Mackenzie isn’t about to date her boss, but when Ryan learns she has cancer, all bets are off.  She might not have any interest in him, but he won’t let her go through this alone.

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