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Nerdy, dirty, and down right in your face

What happens when the alpha male meets a girl so headstrong he’s left in her dust?  Sure, it’s a story that’s been told before – if you get right down to it.  Boy meets girl.  Girl has a dream.  But here’s where it gets tricky.  What happens if dating the hot guy could ruin everything?  What if the girl has plans that don’t include becoming someone’s bitch?  What if, this girl doesn’t need anyone to come to her rescue?

This is real life, people.  Women don’t have to fall down when terrified.  Guys don’t have to get into a fight to prove their love.  And above all, people can be a whole lot more than just a gamer, a horse lover, or a virtual celebrity.  You see, nothing in life is as simple as books make it.  It’s dirty, messy, and difunctional… and still magical for all of that.

Challenge Accepted takes the mould, breaks it into millions of pieces, and then puts it all back together.  There’s beauty in the little things.  Every day we all face challenges and come out the victor.  All of us have struggled against something that no one else can understand.  We know what it feels like to have a dream, and if we lucky, to see it through.  This is Riley’s story.

It could be yours.

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