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My dogs have imposed work limits


Clearly, smacking at a keyboard and staring intently at a monitor are not the puppy’s idea of “fun”.  He has been cussing at me, nosing me, and whimpering for me to pay attention to HIM all afternoon.  Once I actually stop, toss the ball a few times, scritch on him for a while, and give him a kiss or twenty on his head, then I’m allowed to get back to work.

It’s like some kind of anti-work management team!  Granted, I’m not really upset.  It’s so easy to lose track of time while writing.  My dear husband won’t say a single thing about it, either.  So, that means it’s up to the mutts to keep me from burning out on the next great project in my head.

I mean, this is why we love our dogs, right?


Oh, and if I raise my voice?  Nothing but big brown suck-up eyes.  Man, and those do me in every time.

Yes, my dogs are spoiled (If you can’t tell by Jango’s slightly larger than appropriate waistline, or that his head is on the pillows).  But I adore these guys.  That they are willing to point out when I’ve been working too long?  That’s just like the bonus prize.

It’s so easy to fall into a Work In Progress, lose track of time, and find my weekend has just disappeared.  Now that my dogs have started asking me to take “play breaks” with them, I feel like I have even more hours in a day, and I’m not really losing anything work-wise.

This is a new thing for them.  At first, I was torn between being a productive human and giving my pets the attention they deserve.  Being a sucker, I gave in to those pretty brown eyes, and soon realized that at worst, I spent 10 more minutes at the keyboard – but I’d stepped away so many more times.  Since, like many authors, getting exercise into my day is often something I forget, it’s a good thing.  A little fetch, some wrestling, lots of scritching, and maybe even a little chase the puppy!  Yep.  I think I can handle this new change in my life.

So, please excuse me.  I have a couple of adorable mongrels who say they need my attention.

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