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A picture makes the best inspiration.  Coming soon: When We Were Kings.

Leylani Aravatti was raised to be a proper little princess: polite, quiet, and dreaming of a future as a nobleman’s wife.  Her cousin takes that out of her hands when he sells her into the gladiatorial games.  No one would have expected the dainty girl to live through her first fight – but she’s the daughter of a king, from a long line of warriors who fought against the massive Rhian Empire.  She isn’t going to just give up and die.

And fate gives her a helping hand.  In the cell beside her is the Lion of Lenlochlien.  With hundreds of wins, he’s got the knowledge and experience to keep her alive.  He’s ruthless, he’s terrifying, and he’s about to be her partner.  It’s an advantage, and she’ll take anything she can get, even if the man is known for killing those who slow him down.  These men think that being a woman made her weak and expendable, but she’s going to show them that she’s a bitch.  She’s also smarter than all of them.  She is the Wolf of Oberhame.

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