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It seems everyone wants to write a book

You wrote a book?

I always find it funny when people are shocked by this, but no, I didn’t write **A** book.  I have 3 completed novels, 12 in first draft “stewing” before I start edits, and a total of 34 books in some state of completion with 3 discarded because they had major flaws.  At what point does a book count as “written”?

For me, it’s when it’s released to the public.  Until then, it’s just a story on a page that I can keep tweaking, playing with, and changing – so not “done”.  For others, it’s when they finally get to write “The End” on the last page.

Don’t get me wrong.  I remember how it felt to do that the first time.  It was 2 years ago.  There is a moment of shock and awe.  Almost a panicked feeling.  It’s when you realize that you have finished what you set out to do, and you’re not even done, yet.  There’s pride.  Oh, so much pride, because writing a book is impressive.  Personally, I can’t say it’s hard, but I know a lot of people think it is.

See, as soon as I finished my first book, I opened up a new document and started the second in the series.  The story would NOT let go of me.  And so, here I am, with a hard drive filled with documents that will soon be novels.  Right now they are just stories.

But I have 34 of them ready to inspire someone else.  THIRTY-FOUR books, set in twenty-one unique worlds.  Romance, science fiction, fantasy, contemporary, and more.  When people try to do the polite thing, and say “Oh, you wrote a book?  That is amazing!”  I always feel a little bad.  No, I wrote many books, and I’m not close to stopping.

My family are the worst.  They act like it’s either some cute thing a puppy did (look at the piddle on the carpet!) or as if I’ve just performed a miracle (it will cure cancer!  Just read it!).  Neither is true.

You see, I’m an artist.  I grew up painting and drawing.  I moved into dance.  I spent years working on music.  Now, I’m writing.  I love dance and literature the most, but I’m also not 16 – sorry ballet, you were great when my joints could take it.  I create things.  I’m kinda good at it, too.  For me, writing books is just the next logical step in my evolution as a person, and I hope the ideas don’t ever stop.

Yes, I wrote a book… a few of them.  It changed MY life.

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