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It’s spring! And that means play time.


Instead, I’m working on getting back in shape.  A couple of years spending every spare second in front of the computer typing away doesn’t do good things for the waistline.  A new puppy, however, has the opposite effect!  Granted, Revan’s almost a year old now, but he’s still a very active and demanding boy.  Play time is not optional.

So Revan gets time for tug, fetch, and wrestling.  Jango Fett gets long (to him) walks around the property and down the street.  Boba Fett just wants hugs, because he’s sensitive like that.  And Dozer?  I still haven’t figured out how to entertain that one.  He is happy with anything so long as we’re touching.  It leaves less time to write, but I can deal with that, because this is the life I’ve always dreamed of.  Spring days with my boys, including my amazing better half.

And yet, the book ideas keep coming.  I’m having this urge to write something romance but fantasy.  Most likely because I recently read an amazing example of such.  Trickery, by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington.  While there was nothing overly sexual, the plot wasn’t anything earth shattering, and well, the trope has been done before, this book was just well written enough to make me believe that romance and fantasy can live on equal grounds, and that there might be a place for such things.  And so….

I have been daydreaming about dragons.  Yep, dragons.  Not the typical mind reading Pernese things we all know and love (while inwardly wincing from the outdated sexism).  Rather, I’m thinking dragons colored like insects, necromancers that are good people, and well, you know, the typical Auryn Hadley spin on things.  What can I say, I can never just do things like normal.  My mind doesn’t work like that.

But it’s spring.  I have 2 books ahead of this one (Rise of the Iliri 7 and When We Were Crowned) that need to get their time in the sunlight – and I have a laptop so I can do just that.  Yep, I’m going to be writing while I throw a ball, sip my tea, and get a little southern sun before the temperatures down here reach “hell”.

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