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So, moment of truth here.  I have an elliptical.  When I first got it, I had these big visions of 15-minute workouts, high intensity, and some amazing legs.  Yeah, no.  I climbed on at the lowest resistance (i.e. baby mode) and lasted……two minutes.  I sweated, I panted, and I realized that two years of sitting in a chair cranking out books is bad for me.

But, now that I’m not chasing the clock all the time, I am going to actually change that.  Two weeks ago, I was maxing out at two minutes.  Now it’s four.  A month ago, I was working to get five thousand words out a day.  Now it’s ten thousand.  The best part?  I even have time to play with my doggies!

So, I’ve been a full-time author a few months now, and I honestly feel like I’ve finally hit the groove.  It’s amazing what getting one tiny piece of the puzzle in place does to all the rest.  The best part, though, is that I’m FINALLY getting to those books that had to be put off due to a lack of time.  When We Were Crowned, the Wolf of Oberhame 3, is currently in progress.  Virtual Reality, Gamer Girls 3, is next up.  Oh yeah, and Dissent, Rise of the Iliri 7, releases in a couple of weeks.  I’m not sure all of those are going to make it out in 2017, but it’ll be close.  Virtual Reality might release early 2018.

And you wanna know something?  All those minutes spent on the elliptical?  Yeah… I’ve got a new idea brewing.  Hey, it’s not like I can do much else while sweating my flab off!  I’m just proud of myself for actually being productive, and I figure I’ll look back at this in a year and cringe at the thought of 4-minute workouts wiping me out.  But hey, we all gotta start somewhere, right?

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