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Introducing the Wolf of Oberhame

When We Were Kings is the story of two people the world thought were unimportant.  Leyli was born a princess in a male-dominated nation.  Her goal in life is to secure a good marriage for the country, preferably one that comes with a nice title and a good alliance.

Tristan grew up a farmer’s boy, until he tried his hand at being a blacksmith.  Being very bad at it, he quickly fell into debt.  In Norihame, that means being sold into the gladiatorial arena, a gift from the culture of the neighboring country.  If he can live through 250 games, he can get his life back.  If not, he’ll be dead.

Then Leyli’s cousin decides he deserves to be heir to the throne.  His first step is to kill her brother, putting him next in line.  His second is to get rid of her.  When she finds herself walking onto the sands to fight to the death, she doesn’t know why she’s still alive.  The sheltered princess can only assume killing a woman was too distasteful for her arrogant cousin.  Easier to let the gladiators do it.

No one expected that the girl in the delicate pink dress could last a single round, let alone four of them – except the man in the cell beside her.  Called the Lion of Lenlochlien, Tristan has almost earned his freedom – just fifty fights to go – when he sees the terrified girl with a spark in her eye.  Her fear is normal.  Everyone forced to fight to the death is afraid.  Her refusal to give up isn’t.

To his surprise, they end up chained together for the next fight.  The veteran gladiators picked their partner from the handful of novices who managed to stay alive.  They will be fighting tandem: one gets a sword, the other a shield.  When she heard that the best fighter picked last, Leyli made sure she’d be with the Lion.  It wasn’t hard.  She’s just a scared little girl in a world made of killers.

But side by side, Leyli and Tristan compliment each other.  His size, her speed.  His strength, her intelligence.  They’re a team to be terrified of, and his owner notices.  Bought to be the Lion’s pet, Leyli plans to learn everything from the man who has survived so long.  She didn’t expect him to teach her what it’s like to have a true friend.

But his last fight is one he simply cannot win.  No man can.  The only person who can save Tristan now is the little girl in the delicate pink dress.  The world wrote her off, but Leyli’s not going to just give up.  The odds are stacked against her, but who said the damsel in distress can’t fight back?

And the book is live!  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015QX2DZU

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