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If I see another gamer, it will be all too soon

CA Red book Character 2

And right now I really can’t stand gamers.  I said this before when I was working on the gladiators.  When I’m done tweaking every last comma, semicolon, turn of phrase, and checking for overuse of words in a paragraph, I’ve burned myself out on the story.  I hit my editing hard, at the exclusion of basically the rest of my life.  When I finally come up for air, I’m not in the mood to look at it for at LEAST a week (usually two).  But that’s ok.  By my release schedule, I’m often writing a book planned for 2017 and editing a book that’s in a totally different series.

This is why my release schedule is currently alternating between the Rise of the Iliri series (military science fantasy) and the Eternal Combat series (contemporary romance with gamers and high tech).

You see, a girl can only research DDOSing, facial recognition by social media, MAC addresses, IP vulnerabilities, VPNs, mobile hotspots… and the list goes on.  In a few days I’ll be back to diving into the genetic recombinations necessary for a tertiary gender split with a preference for a tiered result in sexes of offspring.  Can you tell I’m a WHOLE lot of fun at the holidays?  Yeah.  I take dorkiness to a whole new level!

Unfortunately, I can’t really complain about the damned iliri for a while.  Not until my readers have a chance to experience that species on their own.  Don’t worry, it’s coming up quickly, and I’m pretty excited.  Thrilled enough that I am eager to get back to the seventh book in that series!

I still want to write an urban fantasy/paranormal romance.  Got a couple of plots in mind.  Think I’ll save that for 2018.

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