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I’ve been thinking about Cyberpunk


My problem is how close Cyberpunk has become to reality.  Nah, we don’t need to enhance our brains.  We just clip the tech onto our faces, ears, wrists…  We don’t have to speculate about massive corporations.  We have phrases for them, and political backlash if you talk about that sort of thing.  Our economy is more digital than anything else – I mean, who even carries cash anymore?

Granted, many people have no idea of the common (and free) technology that is around them every day.  Facial recognition?  Yeah, it’s called tagging, and most programs do it for us.  AI marketing?  Check Amazon and see if those deals weren’t specially designed for you.  I mean, we’re currently living in a cross between Star Trek and Blade Runner.  The sucky part?  Not enough neon signs were I live.


And I can’t really remember the last time a great Cyberpunk novel came out.  Ok, I haven’t been looking lately, either.  I grew up on the greats.  Ah, how I love my dreams of Electric Sheep.  I am inspired by art, such as the images on this page, and I am an admitted technophile.  Without a connection, I’d be lost in the world, both literally and figuratively!

Do people still care about Cyberpunk for more than cosplay?  Is the genre still thriving?  Should I bother putting my crazy ideas down into a novel (er, one might be almost done, and sitting in my “to be released” folder).  Running with it?  Completing a series?


It’s how I address all my books.  Doesn’t matter if that’s the delicate, pampered girl who isn’t going to trip on her heels because people don’t really do that, or the alien creature who doesn’t think about romance the same way as a human.  I want to take the accepted, bend it just a bit, and then ponder why it’s accepted.  I want to push the boundaries.  I think that right now, the world needs a little more Cyberpunk, because the genre addresses themes that we’re living in the middle of.  I just hope that I can get it right, because I’ve been trying.


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