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Head Shots


You see, I’m a blue haired lady who hates getting dressed up.  I have a job where I can go to work in yoga pants and a tee.  Mascara?  Bah, who needs it!

But I’m still too vain to plaster pictures of my slovenly self around like that.  I want to have a little glamor, so when strangers look at me, I’m not left wondering how many chins they are counting.  I think we all have a bit of this.

And there’s nothing wrong with it!  Everyone wants to be lovely.  Male, female, it doesn’t matter.  We want people to find us pleasing in SOME way.  But, that doesn’t help me, right now.  See, I need to get some photos to use for my career as an author.  Head Shots are kinda expected.

So, I dyed my hair, have some lipstick, and a plan.  There’s a date in my future with a camera, and I’m going to HATE it.

Hope you’re all a fan of blue.  😉


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