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Cover Art

Just got the first peek at a potential cover for the first gladiator book.  I’m pretty impressed.  The artist and I debated the positioning of the fighters, to make sure that the main female character is not seen as some flimsy damsel in distress.  It’s a story with a strong brains/brawn trope, where the strong man is smart and the smart girl has her own strength (including physical), they just have to realize it.  Unfortunately, while the story is fair to the woman, finding cover art that is both true to the story, and doesn’t portray her as a sidekick character?  Ugh!  Not easy.

It’s amazing to me what goes into preparing a cover for an ebook.  This is the main marketing option of most authors: see the cover, decide if you want to look inside.  It has to raise questions, peak interest, and not insult, all while being clean, clear, and legible.  And then the font……..Don’t leave it lack luster, don’t over produce it, don’t get too intricate, make sure it’s large enough to be seen, etc, etc, etc.  In the last two days, I’ve learned more about book covers than any human should try to cram into their mind.

Yep, we’re on the final stretch.  =)

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