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Back to the Editor

Some books have a wonderful story but atrocious writing.  It takes a good editor to find the diamond in the manure pile.  Needless to say, that’s where I’m at right now.  Because the books I’m releasing were written quite a while ago, they are “early” writing, and have a few mistakes I now can’t stand.

In other words, Rise of the Iliri 3 needs help.  A lot more of it than I expected.  Flawed, my joint-project with Kitty Cox, is still on schedule for the end of June (Hopefully, there will be a big release date announcement soon – we’re just making sure we got it right).  My July book, however, is putting a wrench in the works.  It needs more fixing.

Is it strange that I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s not perfect?  I honestly have no idea.  To me, this fact only says one thing: I’ve grown as an author.  I can no longer tolerate simplistic dialogue tags, weak action, or repetitive verbal ticks.  They must be corrected, simply because my readers deserve the best book I can give them.

Unfortunately, it’s breaking my (rather precarious) schedule.  I’m hoping to keep up with releasing a book a month, but the next few novels will come at the end of the month rather than the beginning.  I think a delay of a couple of weeks should be acceptable if it means my fans are getting a quality book for their money.  I mean, even if it’s just the price of a cup of coffee, I know I wouldn’t just throw my money away.  That’s what I feel like happens when I buy a crappy book.

But, with enough hacking, slashing, a re-writing, I plan to make all of my books into a prince out of the frog they started life as.  And yes, I’m still working on all those sequels you all have been demanding.  From gladiators, iliri, and gamers, plus a few tattoo artists, there are days when my release schedule becomes mind boggling.  I think I will plan on simply releasing the next book when it’s good and ready to awe the readers.

But first, I need to polish this rock.  I think there’s a very good chance it’s going to shine… eventually.

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