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And, we're live once again

So, as some of you may have noticed, there was a bit of a pause in blog posts. I know a few of you enjoyed these, so I figured I'd explain where they've been. At some point last year, I decided that I hated my former webhost, because the site was horrible to update (took me all day to change one silly thing) and getting in to write a blog was a pain. So, we began researching where and how to move it. Easy, right? Except that I got a wild hair and started writing more, and faster, and dropping books closer together. Release dates increased, production went through the roof, and my website and blog became a sad statistic. I mean, y'all would rather have books than blogs, right?

Then we started producing Audible books. That was exciting - and time-intensive. The whole time, I was working hard on the backside to get ahead of my release schedule as well. In other words, for every book my readers got, I was putting another on the shelf so I could one day achieve my dream of having a series complete before I released the first book. I'm almost there, too.

So, that image above? Those are the books that are done or already announced (in the case of the Mimics series). Rise of the Iliri is done. The Demons' Muse is done. The Dark Orchid is Done. One More Day is coming out in audble shortly. The Gamer Girls series is currently up for preorder on both book 6 and 7, then it will be done. Wolf of Oberhame is done. Wolves Next Door is done! That's a whole lot of books, people, and I'm a little bit proud of myself. And through this entire process, my team of Enablers and I have streamlined my process. For a while there, I felt like I was on a treadmill. For every book I put out, the readers wanted the next (of course!) and I felt pressured to meet their expectations of content and quality. I wasn't writing just because I loved it. I was writing under the pressure of expectations to be "good enough" and it kinda sucked. Not the writing part. Don't get me wrong. It was all self-imposed pressure. Little things, in all honesty. Readers wanted to know if the FMC ended up with a specific guy, and I'd feel bad because that wasn't the plan. Or they wanted to see something specific happen to the villain, or a side character get a happy story as well. I began to fret about readers hating my plan, which led to overthinking my plots. So, I stopped that. Now, I'm so far ahead it's not even funny. It's refreshing. Writing is once again a thing that relaxes me rather than stressing me out. The words are flowing faster and easier. The plots are better than ever before. I went from a lucky newbie to a struggling novice, and now I feel like I'm almost somewhat competent at this whole author gig. I'm kinda living the dream.

But I missed being able to write my blog. I missed musing "out loud" about the process, and the things I've learned that make my life so much easier. Now, the new site is coming live, and my blog is back!

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