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And then Life Happens

Have you ever noticed how things happen in clusters?  First, I moved.  Packing, hauling, unpacking, and the finishing touches all took time away from my writing.  Somehow, I kept going, but I slowed down so much.

Then, Inseparable came out.  I’m hoping my fans enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.  The release went nice and smooth, but sadly, I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I wanted (or had with my previous books).

Why?  Because my dear father had complications with his last surgery.  So far, he’s doing ok, but for a while, we feared that he would lose his arm.  He had a shoulder replacement, and it got infected.  Naturally, this happened at the worst possible time for them, when he was out of town with my brother.  Being the kind of man he is, he didn’t want to bother anyone, so by the time the doctor saw him, things were serious.

I guess that whole saying about when it rains it pours?  Yeah.  It kinda applies.  Needless to say, that’s not all the fun I’ve had.  My antique little house?  Yeah, we’ve had a few issues.  When a house sits empty, things settle and break.  My darling husband has been chasing his tail trying to fix them as fast as it happens.  Not that big of a deal, but in the middle of everything else?

Lemme just say that I need a real good vacation right about now!  Sadly, being an author doesn’t pay THAT well, so I’m going to be headed off to some fairy tale land in my head.  For those of you who know me, that means another book is on the way.  Currently, I’m invested in finishing up Iliri 5 and 6.  A beta reader caught some issues that I need to fix, and while I’m thrilled, it’s quite a bit of re-writing.  The story will be SO much better for it, though.

But I also want to play with something else.  I’ve been having an urge to dabble in paranormal romance and science fiction.  I have a couple of each in progress, but I haven’t bumped any up in the lists yet.  Sadly, not enough time in a day to write as much as I’d like.  Here’s hoping for a very long, very cold winter, where no one wants to talk to me for weeks on end!  (Because that’s the best way to get a whole lot of writing done).

For now, I’m just taking things as they come and hoping my father continues to get better.

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