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All she wanted was control of her own life

BloodLust cover1a

Salryc Luxx is iliri.  Humans say her species are little more than animals, bred to serve and protect.  She wants to prove them wrong.  Unfortunately, for an iliri, that’s not an option.  She can live as a slave or die as a military conscript.  The closest to freedom she can get are the dangerous missions of the elite units – but her kind aren’t considered good enough for that.  It doesn’t mean Sal won’t try.  Even a “scrubber” has the right to apply; they just don’t have to accept her.  But people notice elites, and this could be her chance to prove that iliri aren’t worse than humans.  Oh no.  She’s faster, smarter, and a much better killer than they could ever imagine.

She was bred to be, after all.

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