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A little R&R is so revitalizing

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It was a week.  Maybe two.  I just didn’t want to sit down, shut up, and type for hours on end.  You see, I’ve just moved into a cute new house and there’s so much to do!  Unpacking, cleaning, organizing, lounging around with Mr. Perfect doing stupid things with the puppies (like throw sticks, play tug, and such), nap, and other completely non-productive things.

It was great!  But it kinda got boring.

Ok, full disclosure in here.  My father has been really sick, too.  He’s on the mend, but not completely better.  Things are still a bit of a toss up with his health, but it’s now a matter of how long before he’s ok and not IF he’s ok.

So, yeah, like I was saying… I got tired.  I watched some TV.  Now, I don’t actually own a television, so all of my entertainment is online.  I watched a few movies, too.  I had some great ideas of how to handle things that had been frustrating me – and some ideas of how not to.  I started thinking, and thinking, and thinking…….

And in all of this, I just ignored social media.  It was so liberating!  I did the fun things I used to do that gave me the ideas for all these books in the first place.  One year, nine (or so) novels.  I missed my dream of 12 books in 12 months, but meh.  I’m still ok with 9 books in 12 months.  I mean, I wrote those.  I collaborated, edited, helped with cover art, became completely insane, recovered, turned into a bookzilla (which is like a bridezilla, but for publishing) and um, well… got drunk.


For those of you who follow me on twitter, you may have seen glimpses of that stupidity.  (I’m @aurynhadley for those who didn’t know.  Come, join the fun).  Um, but yeah.  I got wasted, laughed like I haven’t since high school, completely embarrassed myself with my co-author, editor, and their husbands, and ate some amazing food.  Thank God I’m not a puker.  Just sayin’.

And, if you can’t tell from the tone of this post… well, I’m feeling it again.  My biggest problem right now is which book to work on!  I have an addendum to the Wolf of Oberhame series (I’m thinking about calling it “When We Were Gods” if that says anything) but I don’t know if I should just finish the last little bit and put it out there, or wait.  I mean, it’s not really IN the series, but it would fit right about now.  Oh, and then there’s When We Were Crowned.  Yeah, had to do a massive cut and start the middle over.  I turned wrong somewhere, but it’s way better.  Trust me.

And the next book in the Rise of the Iliri series?  Yeah, I finally know what’s wrong and how to make it better.  Re-write number three is IN progress.

Oh, but there’s also “Two of a Kind” which I was starting in the wrong place.  Had to jump ahead to the good stuff and ignore all the boring back story.  What was I thinking?


Or the dystopian?  That one is just begging me to finish and keep going.  But I have those other series to complete first!

Then there’s the post global warming with a fantasy bent thing.  No, it’s really good, trust me.  Like When We Were Kings kinda good.  It’s just hard to describe because it’s really sci-fi that reads like fantasy and has dragons.  Well, wyverns, but who’s counting legs?

Um, right.  and the “not a vampire” series, the steam punk thieves, the sentient world, energy-based alien shape shifters, and so much more.  So many books!  So little time!  I need like 6 more of me, so we can write them all out.  As it is, someone is going to end up waiting, and I hate waiting.  I want to know how they all end, and the characters are keeping their secrets just as much as I am.  So you, my dear readers, are somewhere down the line.

But it’s ok.  I’ve rested.  I’ve recovered.  I’m writing like some kind of psychopath on way too much caffeine (because I am) and loving every second of it.  I’m thrilled, and I’m really hoping that all of this doesn’t get bogged down in editing.  Because……. we’re in my second year as a “real live” author, and I want to make it better than the first.

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